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Philip GyauPhilip Gyau
Next Level Development President and Director, Phillip A. Gyau has over ten years of experience running soccer camps with organizations such as Lincoln Philip's Soccer school, Maryland Bays, Snickers Soccer Clinic, Colorado Foxes Camps and Washington Warthogs Summer Camps. He is also a certified Coaches Clinician for Montgomery County Recreations Department, where he leads a certification clinic for individuals who want to become certified coaches in any sports area.

Phillip Gyau has committed himself to the game of Soccer and has a clear and achievable vision for the future of Soccer in America. The motivation and talent lies within the youth, the power to sustain the excitement is within the seasoned style and agility of the professional player but the key to open up American stadiums, schools and leagues to the cultural networks, business opportunities and broad athletic experience lies within the program goals and objectives of Next Level Development Soccer.